All Good Vibes: The Power of Love, Music and Acceptance


Check out the article I wrote for White Raver Rafting on All Good Music Festival.


There’s something inherently different about All Good Music Festival; you can feel it as soon as you step onto festival grounds. An overwhelming positive energy radiates into the atmosphere and fills your soul with a sense of belonging. You feel at ease, you feel at home.

The All Good community has been stripped of all the judgments, egos, and negativity that are typically enforced by society. The people of All Good didn’t come to get messed up and “rage face” to robot sounds. They came for something more, for something bigger than themselves. They came for the opportunity to share love, spread consciousness, and be inspired by the liberty of art and music.

Perhaps these vibes are the influence of Furthur, and their fan base of original deadheads who experienced the birth of psychedelic rock and cultivated the “hippie” scene we’ve all come to know and love. The festival community drawn by All Good’s remarkable lineup embodied everything that’s right in this world. Thanks to them, the social harmony and sheer compassion circulating the festival was nothing short of spectacular.

It was impossible to walk from one end of the festival to the other without sharing a smile, hello, or joke with fellow festival goers. Everywhere you looked strangers became friends and neighbors became family. There was no cutting in line to enter the venue or pushing to get to the front of the stage. People were polite and respectful, putting others’ needs before their own.

Shakedown Street was a sea swimming with beautiful people, all glowing with their own unique personalities and style. Two bearded gents walked around with flowers and a sign offering free hugs to all, while another group of friends roamed around accompanying their robot friend “Awesome-O.” Performers on stilts teetered about entertaining the masses, while an Indian Princess collected treasures from every vendor. Thousands of individuals came together, and evolved into a community of one through the power of love, music, and acceptance.

Emancipate yourself from the limitations of society. Let the song inside your soul be heard. Be kind. Be inviting. Open your heart to others. Keep the All Good energy flowing, and keep the vibes alive.

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