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This past weekend was another one for the books. I attended my first indie music festival, a far cry from the usual hippie fest I’ve been known to frequent. I was pleasantly surprised with it being a first year fest and all. Now I’ll be honest, I went in with low expectations. That’s not to say I didn’t have faith in the bands or the creators, but that’s kind of my thing– I’ve created my very own slogan. It may seem pessimistic on the surface, but you’ll learn it is a great way to venture through life: expect less, get more. I ended up having an incredible time.

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I may be fresh on the scene but these [not so] virgin ears have been listening to indie-rock for quite some time. I was absolutely blown away with the amount of talent at this festival. Despite the many talented acts, my heart was completely won over by BON IVER, and THE NATIONAL. During The National’s set, lead singer Matt Berninger did what could only be described as a combination swan-leap/nose-dive off the stage into a sea of people. He then  stammered through the crowd, sounding his baritone vocals all the way. The chord from his microphone weaved across the crowd as fans tugged and tugged trying to reel him in closer. I turned around and realized he was being pulled towards us. The crowd tightened around me as he inched closer. Each pull felt like a tidal wave and I was struggling to keep my head above water. I may have had a huge smile on my face but in all seriousness, I was terrified. I envisioned myself being sucked into the madness, trampled by thousands of starstruck, bearded, indie-music-loving nerds. When he finally passed by on his way back to the stage he was drenched with sweat. He smeared past me like the wet tongue of a slobbering dog. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and [hopefully] the closest I’ll ever come to a mosh pit.

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The festival lasted two days which gave us all of sunday to explore the magnificent lands of Eau Clair, WI. Believe it or not this place is a hidden gem. We spent the day playing in Big Falls, a beautiful river and waterfall surrounded by forestry.

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  1. July 22, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    Great post babe. My fav one yet! I didn’t know you had that written tattoo on your hip. love it!

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