Ghetto Fab X Wild Wild West




I was on the fence with these at first, and for good reason. I stood there in the H&M dressing room battling an identity crisis of epic proportions. I thought to myself.. Am I Ghetto Fab? Farmer Girl?  Michelle Tanner? A tasteful mix of all three?

I then thought of how proud my 8-year old self would’ve been. I pretty much lived in bib overalls at that age. My mom insisted that a sports bra could be worn as a top so I strutted around the neighborhood in a black sports bra and bib overalls ** shout out to Limited Too for making sports bras for little girls.**

But where does one find bib overalls in their twenties? The answer: Polyvore— One of my all-time favorite shopping websites. For anyone who’s not familiar with Polyvore, it’s the one-stop-shop for online shopping. You can search whatever clothing item you’re looking for like “overalls” and it it will pull up hundreds of stores selling overalls. Pretty neat, eh? I use it anytime I’m on the hunt for a certain style or garment.

I’ve included a few links to some cool overalls I found online…My personal favorites are the Free People Overalls because they come in 7 different washes, and the Target Overalls because they’re cute and super affordable. ASOS, Topshop, and Forever21 also have a great selection. I snagged this pair at H&M and will probably be over-wearing them for the next 3 months. I paired them with tan booties, and an off-the-shoulder tee from Urban. (Similar tee here.) These would also go great with sneakers, combat boots, platforms– pretty much anything.



Pictures taken by the magnificent Zach Stone.



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