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Let’s Make Summer Happen

Top: Free People, Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Matisse, Camel Coat: Urban Outfitters (similar one here), Silver Cuff: Mexico (similar one here) Well, it’s still freezing outside and I’m really hoping this camel coat is making it’s first and only appearance on the blog for the duration of the season…This has to be the last stretch of crappy weather before summer… Read more →

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Ghetto Fab X Wild Wild West

I was on the fence with these at first, and for good reason. I stood there in the H&M dressing room battling an identity crisis of epic proportions. I thought to myself.. Am I Ghetto Fab? Farmer Girl?  Michelle Tanner? A tasteful mix of all three? I then thought of how proud my 8-year old self would’ve been. I pretty much lived in… Read more →

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Halfway to the Moon

Yes, that’s my poor vintage Dooney photobombing my pic… I have been searching for the perfect pair of vintage sunnies ever since my old ones left me. I brought them to a PHiSH concert last summer and of course I haven’t seen them since. I can only assume they left me for a cooler, younger, more stylish day trippin’ gal. They’re probably… Read more →

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Film Noir

Ever just totally worn out and completely drained of all creative energy? You’ve exhausted all options and putting together a cute outfit seems down right impossible? Your closet has become your worst enemy and you’re one step away from wearing that stupid crop top from Tobi that every single girl you know owns… I’m no stranger to this feeling, and the solution is simple:… Read more →

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Buy, Style, Wear, Repeat… And Repeat, and Repeat…

When I was 14, a close friend of mine told me I re-wore the same outfits over and over again. Clearly I took it to heart because for the next year, I marked my outfits on a calendar Not kidding. I made it a point not to re-wear the same outfit for at least a month at a time. Thinking… Read more →

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Phases of the Moon: It Just Felt Right

Phases of the Moon encompassed everything that is right within the festival community: Beautiful people coming together to celebrate life, art and music.I left the festival feeling grateful, enlightened, and inspired. The sense of community circulating the festival grounds was undeniable and incredibly moving. The crowd was a seamless mix of young and old, each generation bringing something different to… Read more →

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The Crazy Girl’s Guide To Break-Ups: I’m only kidding– Or am I?

  I’m Only Kidding: Or Am I? This break-up survival guide will mend your little broken heart in no time… or not. Delete his number from your phone. Even though you already have it memorized, this will make it slightly more challenging for you to drunk call/text him. Also, in the slim chance that he actually texts you first, be sure to respond with… Read more →


Exploring the Urban Wilderness

Laura and I teleported to a Field of Dreams in the majestical land of Italy before teleporting back to Chicago. Nicky Nunez took us to an amazing community garden in the middle of Logan Square; complete with wild flowers, hand painted decor and unique art installations. Enjoy. Big thanks to Laura for letting me wear her dress.. Outfit details below..  Me>>Bell… Read more →



We’re all on the runAnd we all share one voiceAnd integrate while we all make the right choice>>><<<At just the right momentAnd everything clicksYou see the way forward and you move just a bit>>><<<Then you are traveling again for the best -Trey Anastasio Sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in a place, stuck in a mindset, stuck in a job, stuck in… Read more →

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