Part of the Club

Happy Friday! I’m going to keep this light in lieu of all the craziness going on. These pictures were clearly taken pre-hair cut. I made the mistake of going to someone new instead of my regular girl. That someone “new” actually wasn’t new at all. She happened to be a middle-aged woman who had been cutting hair since the 80’s and she had the hairstyle to prove it. I should’ve known it would be a disaster but I was too eager for an updated look. The result: I’m now somewhere in between Dixie Chicks and Dido. Alright, it’s not that bad...but I’ve definitely learned my lesson.

In other news, I finally got my mom’s old turntable repaired. It runs smoothly and the sound is incredible. Now to build up my record collection. Of course I’m going to indulge in the classics: Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac and the like, but I want to expand my repitoire. Do you guys have any favorite albums? Specifically music for entertaining? Please let me know. I’m overjoyed to finally be a part of the club.

Until next time, xx.


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All photos taken by Nicky Nunez

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