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Riddle Oil

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Riddle oil, scented oil, pheromone oil, riddle scented oil, scented oil, amber oil,

I’ve been using Riddle Oil everyday for the past two weeks now and I am completely hooked. Riddle Oil is a unisex, pheromone oil that mixes with your body’s chemistry to produce a natural and intimate personalized scent. Riddle Oil is composed of key essential oils, natural fragrance compounds and extracted floral properties. It’s musky without being heavy, and circulates an aura of freshness around you.  I have never received so many compliments on my fragrance choice until I started wearing Riddle. Seriously, this stuff is that compelling.

The Riddle philosophy drew me in immediately. Their simple sentiment is packed with worlds of wisdom: Allow….

This word carries the weight of a million dreams fulfilled. We believe in being better, not better than others but better than ourselves. We believe in listening from a place of inspiration, not memory. We believe in clarity, understanding what you want from your life. We believe in loving yourself and betting on who you are with the awareness of what you are. Last but not least, we believe in allowing your life to unfold naturally into your dharma (calling).” – Chelsea Voge (owner of Riddle Oil)

I’m continuously falling in love with beautiful words, ideas and beliefs. This powerful Riddle message is no exception. BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU! Confidence, self-awareness, kindness, and intelligence are the infectious qualities we must possess. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and believe that achieving them is your ultimate destiny. Allow the light in. And be the absolute best version of yourself that you can be. Until next time, xx.


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Outfit Details:
Scented Oil: RiDDLE 
Black Quartz Necklace: Whisky + Bone
Denim Bell Bottoms: PYLO
Tribal Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Panama Hat: Brixton
Leotard: American Apparel 

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