Secret Garden

_DSC0101Hi friends!
Well now that I’ve had a week to recover from Summer Camp Music Festival I’m starting to feel somewhat normal again… and I think I’ve almost gotten all the dirt off my body. On Friday, my mother came home from work slightly displeased when I told her that my day had consisted of sleeping past noon, eating food all day and watching Netflix. When I told her I wanted to hop around to festivals all summer she told me I can’t be a bum and that life is not a music festival. I beg to differ. In response, I ran away to Chicago for the weekend and took some rad pics with Nicky Nunez.




_DSC0111We discovered a magical little forest in the middle of Millennium Park, hidden away from the crowded city and blazing sun.

_DSC0131_ 2



_DSC0134_fotorOutfit Details
Desert sun top: Shop Luna B, Skater Skirt: GoJane, Wool Floppy Hat: American Apparel, Spiked Motor Booties: DSW, Choker: Discovery, Labrodite Necklace: Bead World, Kitty Cat Sunglasses: Akira

Now…to WAKA or not to WAKA.. that is the question…



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