St Barth’s Getaway

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I’ve been back for about a week now and I’m still having trouble adjusting. I gotta say–  going from having your toes in the sand, eating lobster pasta on the beach, to sitting for an hour in rush hour traffic really sucks! My paradise fantasy vacation is over but I’m still living vicariously through my pictures and fading tan lines. Sigh. It was one hell of a week though.

St. Barths is a french-speaking island in the Caribbean. It was my first time having my passport stamped since gradeschool and boy did that feel good. We flew into St. Martin then took a 10-minute commuter plane to St. Barth’s. I was a bit nervous on the way there but found comfort in the other 9 passengers who were seasoned veterans.

By the time we flew back I was a pro–I even got to fly co-pilot on the return flight. 

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We stayed in a beautiful condo called Le Village Hotel St. Jean with a gorgeous view overlooking the island. Since we went during the slow season, the entire island felt very peaceful and intimate. It’s pretty much essential to rent a car while you’re there because all of the beaches and restaurants are spread out, and the taxis are CRAZY expensive. We rented this darling little 1982 Fiat Spider for our travels. We honestly felt like movie stars zipping around the winding island roads in this little peach.

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Now, some things you should know about the roads in St Barth: The roads are extremely narrow with one lane on each side- no median. Also, the hills are super steep. You know when you’re riding a roller coaster and it slowly crawls to the top and you can’t see the drop right before you go down? That’s exactly what the roads are like in St. Barths.. Oh, and no street lights of any kind and people basically tailgate you the entire way. Sound stressful? As mentioned, this car is from 1982 and the headlights were a bit finicky… One night as we were driving to dinner up the windy, narrow, steep, dark road with another car on our ass [of course] our headlights go out and WE CAN’T SEE A F*CKING THING! The car behind us nearly took us out. We were able to get them back on after a few long seconds of sheer panic. We probably should’ve taken her back to the rental place but we just couldn’t part with our little cutie.
st barths, les piscines naturelles,My favorite day was when we hiked along the coast to Les Piscines Naturelles. Also known as the “Washing Machine.” These are natural pools tucked away inside rock formations next to the ocean. And yes, you get to swim in the pools! With your sneakers on of course due to the spiky sea urchins living in the shallow waters.

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st barths, les piscines naturelles,

It only rained once while we were there, so we used that opportunity to check out the Island’s capital, Gustavia. Gustvia is a charming, quaint little town filled with beautifully colored houses and buildings.

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Just seconds after this picture was taken, a woman inside startled me by questioning what I wanted.. Oops. Picture turned out great though. While we did a bit of hiking and adventuring, most of our time was spent lounging on the beach, baking under the hot Caribbean sun drinking margaritas.

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Now let’s all have a wild 4th of July weekend! Be safe! :)



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