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Whiskey and Bone

Whiskey and Bone has come a long way from it’s wholesale-buying-and-selling roots. What started out as “Rock ‘n Chic Boutique,” has turned into the nature-inspired, bohemian brand by Metalsmith/Artist Tarrah Anderson. Like many small businesses, Whiskey and Bone is a one-woman show. Each piece is hand crafted with care using natural elements like animal bones, crystals, metal and leather. Many pieces are… Read more →

Part of the Club

Happy Friday! I’m going to keep this light in lieu of all the craziness going on. These pictures were clearly taken pre-hair cut. I made the mistake of going to someone new instead of my regular girl. That someone “new” actually wasn’t new at all. She happened to be a middle-aged woman who had been cutting hair since the 80’s and… Read more →

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The Bohemian Bandana

When you make your boyfriend where vintage rings and flash tats.  😛 [Similar men’s ring by Sky Dog Jewelry] This is definitely one of my more elegant concert looks…I call it “The Western Julie Andrews.”  I ended up loving the way this outfit turned out. I found the entire ensemble during a shopping frenzy in Wicker Park–about an hour before we left for Phish. Milwaukee… Read more →

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