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Be Fearless

I saw a woman wearing this hat in the middle of summer in a vintage shop. She stood tall in the doorway, draped in gauzy fabrics, dripping with silver and turquoise jewels. Her blonde hair was tangled in perfect waves and her matte red lips, unforgiving. Damn, I thought to myself. That woman is fearless. She held herself in the way… Read more →

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Riddle Oil | Unisex Pheromone Oil

I’ve been using Riddle Oil everyday for the past two weeks now and I am completely hooked. Riddle Oil is a unisex, pheromone oil that mixes with your body’s chemistry to produce a natural and intimate personalized scent. Riddle Oil is composed of key essential oils, natural fragrance compounds and extracted floral properties. It’s musky without being heavy, and circulates… Read more →

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70’s Inspired Denim Bell Bottoms

These 70’s inspired denim bell bottoms are every boho babe’s dream. I would wear this outfit everyday if I could. It makes me feel like a modern day Penny Lane. The bell bottoms, the flowy top, the fringe…Oh, the fringe. The bell bottoms are super high-waisted, but not uncomfortable and suffocating like some super high-waisted jeans can be. Instead they’re stretchy and… Read more →

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