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Summerdance Music Festival

This year’s Summerdance Music Festival turned out to be another smashing good time. It was a blissful weekend filled with great weather, laughs and altogether silliness. Not to mention swimming, cliff jumping, Lotus, and LOTS of PBR. Summerdance Music Festival is hosted at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park; a scenic camping spot with quartz and sandstone cliffs, and woodland as far as the… Read more →



We’re all on the runAnd we all share one voiceAnd integrate while we all make the right choice>>><<<At just the right momentAnd everything clicksYou see the way forward and you move just a bit>>><<<Then you are traveling again for the best -Trey Anastasio Sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in a place, stuck in a mindset, stuck in a job, stuck in… Read more →

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